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Hatsune Miku Project Diva PC

Project Diva PC Download

I mentioned in my earlier post about playing Project Diva PC fan-port based from Hatsune Miku Project Diva from the PSP, so I guess this might be a good time to introduce it.

This here is Project Z-1 a rhythm game heavily based from the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva for the PSP by Sega, it is made by the Chinese game programmer group called GameMaster, the most they did is hack off the important files like wav sounds, sprites, images, etc. from the UMD of the original game and built the base GUI of the game from it. That’s text book definition of China Quality for you!

The Real Hatsune Miku: Project Diva PSP Game

The game works as if it was the real PSP game; you play by pressing buttons as the flying shapes approach the corresponding symbol while the Miku music on the background is playing, It’s a rhythm game after all… The main difference is that the PSP version has real time 3D rendering of Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloids. With 3D rendering, you can change costumes, accessories and the likes. While on the Fan Port, the visuals on the background while playing are just recorded or downloaded Miku Videos from NicoNicoDouga, it makes sense since it would really be difficult to port every detail of the 3D aspect of the real game, recorded videos would do the trick but the main disadvantage is that you wouldn’t be able to edit in real time, not to mention change costumes and accessories.

You can readily add, edit, delete the songs and visuals of the game; even to edit the timing of the button sequences is possible. The Project Z-1 also comes with the “Map Editor” so that you can build or edit the symbol timings for a certain song or music, and it’s also Open Source!

Since basically you can add almost any song you like, the fan port seems to have every song from the original game and also some unofficial music out of the game. I even replaced some of the videos in there because it was really Low Quality (too blurry and pixilated).

The game is quite fun and dead-on based on the gameplay, if you don’t have a PSP and you’ve been dying to play Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, you can practice or even let this be an alternative for the time being. Some songs have almost the same button sequences from the original game, so when you switch to the real deal, you would already be familiar with what buttons to smash.

Here are some screenshots, there isn’t much anything to see other than the gameplay, the menu are just a few levels deep and are quite direct. In the menu, the only thing that seems to work is the Play and CGPics. The Play menu basically directs you to the song list and after that you can play your choice, the CGPics menu is basically just a straight forward CG viewer… To think of it, it’s almost even unecessary to have a CG menu… And the way I see it, I think most of the pictures came from Pixiv and Piapro.

Project Diva PC screenshot play

As we see here, there’s a Story Mode and Network Mode, they say both are in development currently.

Project Diva PC screenshot song list

Project Diva PC screenshot gameplay

Project Diva PC screenshot cg list

The games have some bugs here and there but I managed to find some simple workarounds for it, so it’s no problem. Also, it’s best to play the game in Chinese Language Locale so that some fonts would load up correctly; this game was developed by the Chinese after all…

Project Diva PC DOWNLOAD.

While here are for the songs. If you want just to test out a few, you can download here instead so that you can play already while downloading all the music.

Check out also the official Project Z-1 page here.


【游戏名称】Project DIVA PC
【项目编号】GameMaster. “Project Z1″

[显卡]ATI x800/NVIDA 5200(以上)
002、Star Story (Game edit)
003、The secret garden (OP Ver.)
004、ワールドイズマイン (Game Edit)
005、恋スルVOC@LOID (Game Edit)
006、こっち向いて Baby (OP Ver.)
007、Dear cocoa girls
008、Ievan Polkka (Game Edit)
009、メルト (Game Edit)
019、Last Night, Good Night
020、初音ミクの消失 (Game Edit)
025、流星 -Across the starlight-


Details in English:

【Name】 Project DIVA PC Game
【Genre】 Music Rhythm Game
【Properties】 Doujin Game Software
【Production Team】 GameMaster
【Item No.】 GameMaster. “Project Z1″
【Company】 SEGA original
【Game File Size】 807Mb (Includes Default Songs)
【Language】 Chinese / Japanese (Simplified Chinese localization information from Hamamatsu Saki)

【Recommended Specs】
【Graphics】 ATI x800/NVIDA 5200 (more)
【Memory】 512MB (or more)
【CPU】 frequency of 1.5GHz (or more)
【Disk space】 1GB (that I will have updates, please reserve space)
【DirectX Version】 9.0c or above
【Operating System】 Windows2000 and above
【Video decoder system】 Please ensure that the system does not conflict with each other video decoder. The system only to install a video codec pack
Windows7 users are recommended to install Win7Codecs
Vista / XP users to install VistaCodecs Push
2000 users recommend installing ffdshow

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  1. hi, hi!!
    so i have a problem with the game!!
    this game say me: missing the file D3dx9d_38.dll and then the program dont let me play because i push in the option and the option are unresponsive to me.
    so, could you help me with this problem?? please
    my e-mail are this:
    thanks, and see you.

  2. i downloaded the game but on main menu there is no play mode … just so weird looking error code thing and the story mode come’s up not working

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