Miku Miku Dance – 3D Dance Software

Miku Miku Dance Download – 3D Software Choreography

Have you ever wanted to make those videos you see on Youtube and NicoNicoDouga about dancing 3D Vocaloids, Touhou, Utau, Idolm@sters and many more? I introduce to you MikuMikuDance, it is a software that enables you to import 3D model files in PMD format and lets you control movements and and camera sequences easy and simple. You can also lip-sync the characters to any song that you use for your video manually or by using the VSQ file from the Vocaloid software.

For those who would like to test out this great software, you need to download the software first. Links are provided on the end of the article.

Using the software is easy, but of course at first everything looks very confusing, but after an hour or more of fiddling with the program, you would be able to familiarize all the tools in the program.

A comprehensive video tutorial on the usage of this Hatsune Miku Dance Software.




How to get Miku Miku Dance Software? Click Here!

Official Link (Japanese).

Miku Miku Dance English Website

How to find MikuMikuDance VSQ Motion Files, Models and Accessories? click here!

Other resource links:

Azu’s MMD Warehouse

The model I used in my First MMD Hakurei Reimu Test can be obtained from here, the mp3 is here, and the motion file here.

More stuff at the Downloads Section

8 thoughts on “Miku Miku Dance – 3D Dance Software”

  1. wow this looks interesting. however, could you provide the links in an english website^^. i really wanted to try it. please.. especially your works i want to see it if that’s fine.. thanks

  2. Ummm… I don’t really understand… Okay, I downloaded it, but I am a fail with computers… How do I open it… =o.o=””

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