Metro ComiCon 2011 Philippines

Metro Comicon 27

After weeks of productive break and various real life matters, I present some pictures from the recent Metro ComiCon at the SM Megamall Convention Center.

This is my first time attending a big local event and I could say that I quite had fun.

The Comicon.. of course is more about comics, but what I can see is that most of the cosplays and stuff are anime related. There were of course real comics and locally produced ones…

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Baibi-Beibi Sayonara — Lyrics — SWF — MP3 — バイビーベイビーサヨウナラ

Byby Sayonara


I had been listening to this song repeatedly for a while; it’s nice, catchy and the animation is amusing on its own way. I felt that I should somehow share this with you.

The song is made by SaiB from Nico Nico Douga, and it’s included in the KarenT Label Album.

The animation is made with flash, you can download the raw SWF file to save or view it. I also provided the lyrics for those interested or searching for it.

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Forever Alone Desu – Anime Valentines Pictures and Wallpapers Gallery

2D Valentines Chocolate Anime 2

Choco Please…

Every year, there’s this this day where everyone makes a fuss about having dates, giving away flowers and chocolates and also raep. I guess this is the day where you can brag about having a girl and later raep her in a motel that smells like stinky used socks. As for me, I keep my day simple as my 2D waifus are here obligated in giving me chocolates for the occasion.

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Yumekui Merry – Dream Eater Merry

Yume Kui Merry

I was scanning the winter anime list and of course I was looking for Moe characters or flat chested girls as a priority. I’ve seen a few and watched some previews, and this here Yumekui Merry seems to just have enough Moe in it and the DFC element at a glance. First few impression on this animu was that it’s going to be another school life anime with added fantasy elements, lots of fan service and boy hero gets viorensu from the girls for being a hentai.
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Subaru X Gainax Mahou Shoujo Anime – Houkago no Pleiades

Subaru X Gainax Mahou Shoujou Anime - Houkago no Pleiades

This is what real mahou shoujos are about – smoke-belching magical flying sticks.

So there’s this girl named Subaru and obviously it’s taken from the name of the car maker brand. She’s the heroine of the show; having witness a spectacle of flying stars this soon changed her destiny to become a Puella Magi… I mean a mahou shoujo.

Stereotypes and more stereotypes… Subaru is a stereotype, a clumsy-ditsy-weak-but-strong-willed-girl-with-tremendous-potential-according-to-a-magical-creature-that-becomes-the-most-powerfull-eventually… Seems familiar? Of course it is! Because it’s a stereotype on Mahou Shoujos for Kami-sama’s sake! Almost forgot one more thing… She’s so kyuuuto….
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Project Diva PC – A Chinese Doujin Rhythm Game

Hatsune Miku Project Diva PC

Project Diva PC Download

I mentioned in my earlier post about playing Project Diva PC fan-port based from Hatsune Miku Project Diva from the PSP, so I guess this might be a good time to introduce it.

This here is Project Z-1 a rhythm game heavily based from the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva for the PSP by Sega, it is made by the Chinese game programmer group called GameMaster, the most they did is hack off the important files like wav sounds, sprites, images, etc. from the UMD of the original game and built the base GUI of the game from it. That’s text book definition of China Quality for you!

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Seikan Hikou in Filipino (ノゝ∀・)~Kislap~☆

Ranka Lee

Megumi Nakajima

Eto maganda ‘to

Seikan Hikou Filipino fandub by isakangtubo from YouTube, ang ayos dito si Megumi Nakajima ang kumunta ng original Japanese Version, kung hindi nyo kilala si Megumi, sya yung Seiyuu or Voice Actress para ni Ranka Lee and what’s more special is that she’s Half-Filipino. So nararapat lang na at least may local version yung kanta and so meron ako nahanap na masaya pakigan na Filipino Version.

Si Ranka Lee, kung pakigan ang pangalan ay parang Lanka or Langka, isa sya na Jack Fruit kung sa english… hehe…

So enjoy na lang kayo sa video and lyrics na nasa baba. Or download the MP3 dito

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Nyanyanya…. It’s what you all my zombies must murmur daro ga…


I could not help it but collect more videos of the same theme of Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! So now I want to share some videos and let you die from the heart complications as a result from viewing the videos that are moe and make you zombies of my Loli army.

You may proceed below to view the gallery that would turn you into my zombies.

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